Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Snow's falling quietly, like this blog.

This is important. Like Ron, I hope it will be the beginning of a conversation about innovative poetics and race. And yeah, why no Chuck D?

Finished A Game of Thrones, liked it enough to move on to A Clash of Kings, though the writing is only workmanlike and the story mostly a pastiche of every other fantasy novel I've ever read. In fact it closely resembles Dune but without the ideas about ecology. Why bother? Partly because it's good fodder for the D&D game, a form of collective storytelling which suffers, I think, when overly concerned with originality. The players enjoy living out archetypal moments from their favorite books and movies. At the same time, it's their story, and so unique. A lot of pleasure can be obtained from this sort of repetition-with-a-difference. But there seems an incommensurable gap between this kind of pleasure and the pleasures I take from writing and reading poetry. Maybe I contain multitudes.

Emily and I are off to a spa for a couple of days to soak in hot tubs and take a break from wedding planning.

Buying my plane ticket to AWP today.

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