Monday, February 20, 2006

"I think reality is being let down: its hugeness, its variety, its beauty, its painfulness." Via Rebecca.

Can't get much farther from the viewpoint I associate with Mark Nowak. Yet they both appeal to me.

Then again there's a sentence of C.L.R. James' that Nowak quotes: "The Marxist organization which understands that its function is to learn and not to teach, will find (after great efforts) that outside of production as well as in it, the new society every day, every hour, establishes itself with a massiveness, a solidity, and an infinite variety, which challenges the official structure of society at every turn."

And Bedient: "[Poetry's] ethics, if you will, consists in entering into perplexities in a spirit of urgent and courageous investigation, not of legislation. (Hence the demand for an 'attitude' can betray it.) It wishes more to live perplexities than to solve them."

Emphases mine.

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Russell Ragsdale said...

I wish all currrent Marxists could have come to live in the Former Soviet Union when I did (1992). To understand the true merits of his work they would probably have had to live here as long as I have, unfortunately.

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