Tuesday, February 14, 2006

- Kasey Mohammed's lime tree wins my vote for Blog That Requires Reading. Case in point: his post responding to Jon Leon, and the accompanying comments.

- And looky here, as advertised: Kent Johnson's blog.

- MoveOn.org is asking its members if they/we should be opposing right-wing Democrats. I said yeah, and added the following as a comment:
This is not an easy choice--while MoveOn supports my basic values, I'm not at all certain that we've been effective. And didn't this organization get its start supporting Bill Clinton, who in any other civilized country would have been viewed as a center-right figure (for his actions, not his rhetoric)? I'm not at all sure ideological purity is something we should be enforcing, but I also want to stand up for progressive values. If Hillary runs, what will she stand for beside the bare minimum of electability? Thus my vote, which at least opens these questions up to scrutiny; the other option only closes them.

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