Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring break is here. Time to recover from my travels and get back on the dissertation horse. Zuk's horses, still sans manes.

Questioning the efficacy of shame and ridicule as political tools. There's always someone more radical than you, more consistent than you, more married to negation. Something Jane said to me in Austin: accusations of hypocrisy generally serve power, serving to silence those who might otherwise oppose injustice, albeit imperfectly.

The politics of poetry matter more than politics in poetry. How you conduct your life in poetry, among your friends and colleagues and rivals, matters more than the positions you take in poems. The most politically effective thing a garment worker can do is join or organize for her union. What would a poets' union look like?

The most poetically effective thing you can do is claim sovereignty for the imagination you've inherited, which is a literary imagination. An experience of language in time.

Wit cuts through the bullshit and leaves an empty space. What will you plant there?

I'm fond of flowers.

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shanna said...

today i love you josh. hear hear.

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