Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Homeward bound today after a couple of days with the family here in the Chicago suburbs, where we celebrated my aunt Susan's 60th, my sister's 33rd, and my grandparents' 85th and 84th birthdays (all more or less at the same time).

AWP this year was more a Montana reunion than anything, but I also got to meet and hang out with such illustrious bloggers as Anne, Jonathan, and Jane for the first time, as well as the usual suspects. Too many books, not very many panels (but ours was great.)

Roller-derby girls.


Anonymous said...


I hope it's OK to post this, but since you mention him, I thought I'd ask:

I've heard that Jonathan Mayhew, who heretofore I'd thought a strong fan of mine, was the "blogger" at the AWP (see Tony Robinson's blog) who took a copy of my epigrams book, violently threw it on the pulsing-colors dance floor, and then proceeded to earnestly stomp upon it, as poets and critics, in bobbing disco-circle around him, cheered on.

Is this really true?

I hope so! As Juvenal wrote at Martial's tomb (or vice versa): "Old man, the small maggots never fail to offer the final review you live for."


Unknown said...

Wouldn't it be thrilling for you, Kent, if he had? But I can neither confirm nor deny this; I was not present at the dance party. I can say that such behavior seems very uncharacteristic of the Jonathan I hung out with.

Anonymous said...


Uncharacteristic? He's certainly thrown such tantrums online... I shouldn't be shocked to have him do a little disco-duende stomping on my booke "in person"!

But you are right that it would thrilling for me, if so.

I wonder if HE will "confirm or deny"?



Anonymous said...


And all these AWP photos spread all through post-avant blogland!

What's wrong with this picture?

Nothing, really, I suppose, if you've been following the trends.

Sometimes, though, things come into sharp focus with a click.

I love the one of Mohammad, Gizzi, Davis, and Mayhew.

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand epigrams.


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