Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I do plan on returning to blogging in a substantive way someday. But today I can only summon the energy to tell you about tomorrow:
>Thursday, March 16, 7pm

A Tribute to Ronald Johnson

With Joel Bettridge, Barbara Cole, Joshua Corey, Peter O'Leary, Jena Osman & Jonathan Skinner
$7, Free to Members

San Francisco poet Ronald Johnson (1935-1998), was the author of several books, among them the metaphysical ARK, a book-length poem dedicated to "the radiant structural beauty and mystery of the universe," in the words of Robert Duncan.

Joel Bettridge co-edited a forthcoming collection of essays on Ronald Johnson.

Barbara Cole is the author of an ongoing poetic project, which includes the installments situ ation come dies and foxy moron.

Joshua Corey authored two collections: Fourier Series and Selah.

Peter O'Leary is a poet, teacher and editor of the literary journal LVNG. The literary executor for Ronald Johnson, he edited two of Johnson's posthumous publications.

Jena Osman is author of the poetry books The Character and An Essay in Asterisks.

Jonathan Skinner edits ecopoetics and is the author of Political Cactus Poems.

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