Sunday, August 29, 2004

What a lovely if muggy weekend. Farmers' Market yesterday morning, a nap, They Might Be Giants for free on the Cornell Arts Quad (have you seen this video?), then a fine reading by Ithaca's newest poet laureate (one out of three ain't bad) and dinner afterwards. This morning we walked the dog up the hill to have brunch at ABC Cafe (I loathe its extreme hippiness but they make a hell of a cheddar-guac omelet) and home to deal with bills and some housecleaning (less fun, but very necessary). A quiet evening with pizza and Diablo II (Aaron got me nostalgic about hack-n-slash—no, not in his poetry) followed. A nice weekend.

And yet there's that nagging feeling of missing out on history. Still, just reading about it is inspiring. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Republicans' utterly cynical choice of New York completely and utterly backfired on them? Huge, peaceful protests like today's every day are going to steal the Bushies' thunder. And it sounds like the crowds are dominated by ordinary looking (though overly white) folks who won't easily be dismissed as elitist or leftist freaks. Meantime, I'm hoping that the "compassionate conservative" varnish has eroded enough so that people will be able to see these people for who they are: not just corrupt, not just fanatical, but mean. Blue Meanies!

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