Friday, August 20, 2004

We here at Cahiers de Corey specialize in baffling musings. Sometimes I wonder if I should go ahead and install a comments field—Stuart Greenhouse of the world a letter recently intervened in the Josh & Josh discussion, but he did it by e-mail. If I get permission, I will post his question and my reply. I've been leery of the comments field because the first time I tried it with Old Blogger, I compeltely destroyed my hard-earned template. The second time I tried it with Newstyle Blogger, nothing seemed to happen. Plus I hear terrible things about comment-spam and the like. So even though it's more than a little undemocratic, I'm continuing to resist the comments field. If folks tell me that it's easy and won't mean reconstructing my template again, I'll consider putting one in. In the meantime, I'll keep responding to any "Letters to the Blogger" (I'm certainly not an Editor) that I receive.

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