Friday, August 20, 2004

Hey, I got The Poker Issue 3 today. I love this magazine. Right now I'm grooving on the interview Marcella Durand did of Kevin Davies, which has turned me on to Quid, among other things. The poetry is also topnotch: I especially like the bit of Alan Davies, who I hadn't heard of before, "This Is Thinking"; it reminds me a little of the kind of aphoristic energy in Martin Corless-Smith's book Nota. There's also a chunk of Fanny Howe, including an essay reminiscent of those in her memoir, The Wedding Dress. A fiercely ethical animal, Fanny Howe. Don't love the Catholicism, though. I have less and less use for any sort of religion, though the terms of theology seem inescapable. I contradict myself, etc.

The small rain down doth rain, though it's not too frickin' small. I was soaked to the skin walking home from the library this afternoon. Plus the students are back, with their parents in tow. The summer's already over and we had maybe three sunny days the whole time. Phoo. Phooey.

I love the K. Davies interview. It's like having a beer with him. Maybe several beers. Where can I get a copy of Lateral Argument? I can't read something that long on the web; plus I'd like to stock it in the bookstore. SPD doesn't have it.

If any of my old students are reading this: I will finally be sending your portfolio comments to you this weekend. I swear.

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