Sunday, March 02, 2008

Baby Blogging Bonanza

Any thoughts I might have about poetry will probably have to wait until spring break. In the meantime, for famished Sadie Gray fans:

My cousin Rachel instructs Sadie in the finer points of flying.

And here she is with us practicing her best Superman moves.

Proud papa and mama and a somewhat stunned-looking Sadie.

Emily models her baby sling (baby not included).

At brunch this morning with my grandparents at a hole-in-the-wall cafe in Skokie.

That sling is more comfortable than it looks.

Your faithful correspondent at the computer with his special assistant standing by.

Reading to Sadie. That's either The Green Lake Is Awake or Hotel Lautreamont.

The New York School works as well or better than Mother Goose when it comes to soothing the little ones.

The flying Wallendas--I mean, Ross and Kerry, our dear friends from Ithaca who stayed with us a whole week cooking us meals, rearranging my books (really), and making us laugh.

Here are Kerry and Emily adoring the little one in all her naked glory.

Sadie and her sleepy daddy sharing a moment (and a robe).

Ross, Sadie, and Sadie's hat.

Since we moved in there hasn't been a moment to arrange my books more than haphazardly. Kerry brought her welcome rage for order to the task of alphabetizing my poetry books. Here I am, checking her work.

When all else fails in the sleeping baby department, our trusty friend the clothes dryer usually does the trick.

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