Friday, April 13, 2007

Google Says

Google says sorry to Sohu for using their software.
Google Says Sorry for Stealing.
Google says not so fast,
Google says speed is king

google says - bring it on - we have safe harbor baby.

Google says outright "we're not building a mobile phone"
Have a say in what Google says about you.
Google says bill could spark antitrust fight.
Google Says “No” To Death Threats.

Google says it has plugged desktop search flaw.

Don't you dare google, says Google.
Google says that it has the "highest regard" for the privacy of its users' information, and insists there is nothing sinister about Gmail.
Google says may launch video service in Japan.
Help, Google Says I'm Gay. Google says I have a virus...

“Your brand is what Google says your brand is, not what you say your brand is,”

Google Says They Won't Ask For Help In China To Compete.
Google says "Gmail" is no joke, but lunar jobs are.
Google says go get your goggles~!
Google says web users are too stupid for semantics.

Google says its users trust the company.

Google Says I’m Important (now life has meaning).
Google says disable your firewall.
Google says to swim the Atlantic.
Google says it keeps search logs.

Google says so.

Google Says Pakistan Is Most Sex-starved Nation.
Google says no to digital music.
Google says swim.
Well, If Google says so.

Google says the laws would condemn the Australian public to the pre-Internet era.

Google says Internet isn't TV.
Google says: “You asked, and we listened:
Google Says You Have Insufficient Qi.
a "more relaxed" agreement with Google, says

Google says online dating offends family values.

Google says "Triumphalize this!"
Google says speed is the key.
Google says CIA thing is untrue.
Google Says It Compromised Principles by Bowing to Chinese Demands.

Assume that everything Google says is true.

Google says you don’t need a web site any more.
Google says no, Yahoo says yes.
Widget lets Google finish your sentences.
Google says, "go home".

Google Says "Hi"

Don't Google Google Says Google.
Google says you are a slut.
Google Says Porn Is Killer App For Mobile.
Google says that you can't confuse your site's visitors.

What Google says.

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