Monday, May 01, 2006

Huzzah to the immigrants' rights marchers. If virtual solidarity counts for anything, count me in.


Kevin said...

'In New York City, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, together with half a million Latino, African and Asian immigrants marched into the heart of Manhattan.'

What about Irish?

C.M. Mayo said...

Irish indeed.

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

The Irish don't all agree, except for how it fits their agenda.

Not all poets agree with illegal immigrants protesting in our streets when what they are doing would be illegal in their own country. There, they would be felons.

Many legal immigrants take great offense to the sense of entitlement exhibited by illegal immigrants marching in the streets of a country other than their own.

That is because legal immigrants went through our legal system to gain citizenship, and they believe that it cheapens the processs to open it up to people who simply feel entitled because they gained entry to this country illegally.

I do too.

And their equating their protest with the Civil Rights Movement is a little bit insulting and disingenous.

The whole organizing phenom smells of marxism and of people who are of our country but who hate our country.

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