Thursday, May 04, 2006

End of classes + finishing off the Zuk chapter + getting ready for a weekend in New York = no time to blog, much less to ponder Johannes' response to my major/minor musings (again with the T.S. Eliot comparisons!) or Jessica's Deleuze et Guattari thesis, much less the new-to-me phenomenon of lensing.

May or may not make it to any NYC readings but I am looking forward to this.


Zeke Hunkaburning said...

I would like to register as a "hostile witness" to your blog, because I wish to learn more about the type of poetry you write and about your explicaton for the what and why of it.

I came acrooss you blog in surfing poetry blogs.

I hope you don't mind if I ask you pointed questions about the things you write in your blog.

You are quite a scholar, and I suppose that your poetry is targeted at other scholars, thus it is very diffucult for the average person (is there such a thing?) to interpret, without an explanation from the poet and his multiple references and without a smattering of literary theory.

Yet I would hope that you believe that your poetry is for the ages and universal in its ability to stand the test of time and to be relevant to the times and to the poeple of those times in which it was written.

Your approach, though, scholary, is not in any way spontaneous or wild, it would not be confused with Bukowski, say, nor Bernstein or Hejianen (sp).

You seem to seek topics rather than let topics come from within.

You are ambitious, though, are you not?

Some questions.

Your supoort of illegal immigrants, Is it a well thought out stance?

Dan Beachy Quick? Is he one of the annointed ones, destined to succed by pedigree or by diploma?

Do you think a prestigious degree
is important to success in poetry, and do you think that to some degree that is sad, because it is so, let's say, uninclusive?

How important do you think education is in writing poetry?

What do you think of the Foetry website?

Are you a Jim Bherle fan?

Do you read Silliman's blog?

What poetry blogs do you read?

Do you like sports?

Are you a Yankee or a RedSox fan?

Whose poetry do you admire, of those who are currently writing poetry?

What poets piss you off, for whatever reason, or lead you to belive that they are phony and insincere or undeserving of their success, of the poets currently writing poetry?


Unknown said...

I'm not particularly comfortable responding to the questions of a "hostile witness" who also uses a fake name. One or the other, maybe, but not both. But I'll think about these when I've got time—right now I'm on the go in New York.

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