Monday, November 28, 2005

While it's hot: the NYTBR (whose significance to poetry was explained for me by Ange and Jane Dark) presented a Poetry Chronicle of short reviews by Ms. Dark herself and Joel Brouwer of books by David Baker, Adrian Castro, Simone Muench, Michael Palmer, Michelle Robinson and Arthur Sze this past Sunday. And in last week's Entertainment Weekly it's not too late to find a long review of Billy Collins' latest (to use parentheses parenthetically, I'm done dumping on Mr. Collins; he poses no threat to serious poetry and might even serve as the fabled gateway drug toward such—and Ron's review of Laura Sims' new book will probably move more copies of that book into the hands of serious readers than the EW review will move Collins') and some short reviews of books by Ashbery, Wislawa Szymborska, Dan Chiasson, and Patti Smith, all written by one Thom Geier, EW's senior editor. I can't help but find this kind of MSM coverage of poetry encouraging, even if it is mostly major press stuff (with the major exception of Jane's pick of Heather Fuller's latest from O Books. "LEAR: Then there's life in't. Nay, if you get it, you shall get it with running. Sa, sa, sa, sa."

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