Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Still not fully recovered from Thanksgiving travels. Two families, two cities: it's a lot. Plus it's the last week of classes and there's a mountain of grading between me and all felicity.

Having finished Pride and Prejudice in the car, Emily and I saw Pride & Prejudice on Monday night. It was delightful. We're now getting started on Emma. Eighteenth-century cadences are very much in my ear. Also still reading The Education of Henry Adams and just read Zukofsky's 1920's essay on him—that seems like a far detour from Zukofskyan pastoral, but maybe there's something to the critical nostalgia Adams assigns to the "unityism" of the "Virgin" and which Zukofsky adapts when he speaks of the "solid age" being succeeded by "liquid" and "gas" ages. Louis Zukofsky: A Study in Twentieth-Century Multiplicity. That would be a good dissertation, but it's not quite mine.

Dipping occasionally for refreshment into Lisa Robertson's luminous Rousseau's Boat. I still owe Nomads $12 for it. It's crammed with aphoristic wonders: "Any girl who reads is already a lost girl." "We die and become architecture." "In the evening I walked through the terrific solidity of fragance, not memory." That last seems postively Adamsian/Zukofskyan.

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