Friday, December 10, 2004

"Nothing much to say when you're high above the mucky-muck..."

Yesterday was Emily's birthday and it rocked. Today we're being mellow and doing some housecleaning while I ponder whether Pound should share the first chapter of my diss with Williams. I need to go read The Wedge alongside The Pisan Cantos and see what they have to say to each other about pastoral and autonomy—this is part of my desire to produce a more historical argument than I had previously contemplated. Useful to my thinking lately have been Bourdieu's Rules of Art, Libby Rifkin's Career Moves: Olson, Creeley, Zukofsky, Berrigan, and the American Avant-Garde" (based on a dissertation she wrote here at Cornell), and Bob Perelman's The Trouble with Genius.

Meanwhile, copies of Aubergine are distributing themselves everywhere like giant purple zeppelins.

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