Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Auberginian fruits are flowering, folks. I reprint the following letter with its author's permission:
Dear Mr. Corey,

Just yesterday the booklet you kindly sent me arrived on my desk, and I must
say it occasioned a real chuckle! Indeed, I shall have to be much more
careful about the odd aside.

There are some amusing poems in your collection--to say nothing of the fact
that its cover is the color of a Japanese eggplant, not an aubergine. It's
all been done with a great deal of wit and warmth.

I've taken the liberty of sending the copy to Dorothea Tanning herself,
figuring that she will also enjoy it all.

Every good wish for the new year--

J. D. McClatchy
Rather sporting of him, I'd say. It would be a real coup to hear from Dorothea Tanning herself about all this.

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