Friday, July 09, 2004

So much cool stuff has arrived at The Bookery that I don't know where to start. The new issues of Fence, the comic-book issue of McSweeney's, and the all-music issue of that compellingly irritating mag, The Believer, are all in. And prominently on display in the poetry section are a bunch of books I ordered.

Top shelf: Frances Payne Adler, The Making of a Matriot; Christopher Arigo, Lit Interim; Anselm Berrigan, Zero Star Hotel (not the first time it's appeared on our shelves); Charles Borkhuis, Savoir-Fear, Jack Collom, Red Car Goes By; Valerie Coulton, Passing World Pictures, Tom Lamont, Siwa Door (that one I didn't order); Tan Lin, Blipsoak 01; Frank Stanford, The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You; Emmanuel Hocquard, Theory of Tables; William D. Waltz, Zoo Music (we've had this one); and Lisa Robertson, Debbie: An Epic.

On display here and there: Michael Cross, ed., Involuntary Visions; Catherine Daly, DaDaDa (we've had this one too); Robert Duncan, Letters: Poems 1953-1956; and Graham Foust, Leave the Room to Itself.

Bottom shelf display: Kathleen Fraser, Discreet Cateories Forced Into Coupling (I love the title; it sounds like Kant's nightmare wet dream); Loss Pequene Glazier, Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algoritihm; John Godfrey, Private Lemonade; Gerry Gilbert, Moby Jane; Renee Gladman, The Activist (a return engagement!); Christine Hume, Alaskaphrenia, Kaia Sand, Interval; Edwin Torres, The All-Union Day of the Shock Worker (it's a toss-up between that and the Fraser book for my favorite title); Rodrigo Toscano, Platform (replacing the one I bought); Elizabeth Treadwell, Lilyfoil; and Jo Ann Wasserman, The Escape.

I think that makes ours the most exciting poetry display in western New York. If I were a better person I'd link to all of these titles to make it easier for you, my gentle readers, to purchase them. But you know what? Just go to Google and find 'em. Buy directly from the publisher when you can and Amazon when you can't, is my suggestion. Buy, and sin no more.

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