Saturday, July 03, 2004

Gorgeous weather. The dog froliced. Spider-Man 2 was every bit as good as the critics say. The most perfectly calibrated comic-book movie that I can recall. And tonight we saw Farenheit 9/11. Incendiary. George Bush's re-election has gone from unconscionable to unthinkable. How I wish we lived in a swing state.

Reading that Civil Disobediences book. It is, as Gary says, pretty Naropa-centric. But in the small doses afforded by dipping into an anthology I find that universe and its priorities to be refreshing. It's an institution founded on the border between academia and bohemia—that is, on the borders of institutionality itself. Nice place to visit.

I am in the process of re-establishing contact with my oldest and dearest group of friends—the geeky kids who found each other at a summer camp for overeducated underachievers back in the mid-Eighties. How much we've all changed, and how little. Hi Danny! Hi Nikki! Hi Sarah! Hi Andy and Andi! Hi Rachel and Emily and Elliott and Jay! It's our own little Big Chill moment.

And so to bed.

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