Thursday, June 17, 2004

Experiencing Pound fatigue. Took the day off. Played some Morrowind. Spaced out.

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Peter said...

I'm pretty manic-depressive about most games I play -- I tend to get obsessed by them, play the hell out of them, and then ignore them for months, sometimes returning to them later. This is more pronounced with Morrowind, for some reason -- I get into it and I get absorbed and want to visit new regions and explore various areas and then I get frustrated by the complete lack of interesting NPC interaction and the utterly relaxed plot, which lacks all drama whatsoever. ("You are the messiah! Hey, can you go collect some flowers?")

The game also got more playable once I got the expansion (which adds a "quests in progress" feature to the journal, which is essential) and the user-supported plugin that replaces the awful horrific disgusting terrible in-game faces with beautiful faces that use fewer polygons.

Mostly I keep playing Morrowind for the architecture.

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