Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Andrew Zawacki thinks chiasmically, or at least doubly—the thing that's there or not there and the thing that interrogates the first thing—in his new book, Anabranch. This is from one of the long poems or sequences that compose the book, "Albedo":

Until the dark begins to lift

Hastened from door to door

Doctor she said
it's so nice to see you

This is how I loved awoke
eyes (as in) I closed my

Tattoo (pause on the stair)

Rowing a boat in another's room
faltering under the trees

What part of night was theirs
& why

Island after island

If only edges

To share for a while

Unmoored corner my archer
my open

Pause if you will on the stair

Until the dark to lift

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