Wednesday, May 12, 2004

On the one hand, the new templates are undeniably beautiful, mod even. And it would now be easy to put that overly serious photo of me up. On the other hand, I've always appreciated the low-techness of Blogger, and the no-frills look of my own page (in spite of past color troubles). On the third hand (where'd that come from?) would refusing to update the template merely be obstinacy on my part, more showy in its way than creating a page with all the now-standard bells and whistles? A condundrum.

Got notice today that I didn't get a fellowship to Bread Loaf. There was no one there I was dying to work with, nor was I, a happily cohabitating man, looking forward to "Bed Loaf" (I freely admit that when I went in 2000 that was my idea of the place). I was just hoping for a free Vermont vacation. Phooey.

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Unknown said...

"Bed Loaf," eh? I guess that's cleverer than when I heard one of my college-age summer classmates at Naropa refer to the place as "sex camp."

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