Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Okay, I've collected no fewer than twenty poems for the Aubergine prankthology—first copy gets sent Priority Mail to Mr. J.D. McClatchy. I suspect I'm missing a few. If you wrote an aubergine poem and don't see your name and poem title on the list below, please send me the poem in an e-mail. And if you do see your name there, and you want a copy of the chapbook I'm putting together, send me an e-mail with your mailing address.

The Auberginians thus far are:

Tim Botta, "Fried Flowers of Aubergine"
James Collins, "In Defense of Aubergine"
Shanna Compton, "For J.D. McClatchy"
---, "Purple Heart"
Nicole Cordrey, "The Effort of Living"
Joshua Corey, "[Subcutaneous, interstitial: two rules]"
Alan DeNiro, "Siege Mentality"
*Julie Dill, "Audrey Ostriker Loves Luther Vandross"
Paul Guest, "Summer Ending In"
Shafer Hall, "A Catalan Atlas"
Michael Helsem, "[the Lord of Dark did of huge]"
Mark Lamoureux, "Aubergine"
Scott McDonald, "[Old hatchling Tanning]"
Catherine Meng, "DOCUMENT 19 one riff short"
K. Silem Mohammed, "Truck Waffles"
Daniel Nester, "I'll Have You (Club Mix)"
Katey Nicosia, "Mad Apple"
Matthew Shindell, "Aubergine"
Laurel Snyder, "Poem which can end in no ending but this ending"
*Tim Yu, "Poem: To Americans Abroad"

The asterisked (*) folks wrote poems that don't end in the word aubergine, but I'm including 'em anyway.

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