Thursday, April 01, 2004

The welcome return of The Trigger reminds me to congratulate Nils once more upon Lure (I can't seem to find a link where you can buy it yet), which was one of many books I picked up in Chicago. I haven't read the whole thing, but the poems I have read are unabashedly lush. Other books I acquired:

- The Clear Cut Future (Clear Cut Press, 2003) [opening a remarkable series of books available by subscription only)

- Lisa Robertson, Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture (Clear Cut Press, 2003)

- Catherine Wagner, Macular Hole (Fence Books, 2004)

- Prageeta Sharma, The Opening Question (Fence Books, 2004)

- Joyelle McSweeney, The Red Bird (Fence Books, 2002)

- Christine Hume, Alaskaphrenia (New Issues, 2004)

- Jo Ann Wasserman, The Escape (Futurepoem, 2003)

- Rusell Edson via Jonathan Mayhew, et al, Long Nose Pinocchio Bitch [what a find!] (Inappropriate Press, 2003)

- Tim Yu & Cassie Lewis, Postcard Poems [ditto!]

- Shanna Compton, Down Spooky [a gift from the author—"I believe her married name is Smith-Corona"]

- Robert Duncan, Letters: Poems 1953-1956 (Flood Editions, 2003)

- Caroline Knox, A Beaker: New and Selected Poems (Verse Press, 2002)

- Anselm Hollo, Notes on the Possibilities and Attractions of Existence: Selected Poems 1965-2000 (Coffee House Press, 2001)

Assorted literary magazines (Chicago Review, Black Warrior Review (thank you, Gina!), Pavement Saw) were also acquired by me.

Titles lusted after but not purchased include two Marjorie Welish books, The Annotated "Here" and a new one whose title I don't remember; most everything on the Verse Press table that I don't already own; and likewise for Futurepoem, Flood Editions, and the other two Clear Cut titles on display.

One of these days I may even get around to actually reading the books I bought. In the meantime, I'm still trying to settle on a do-able dissertation topic. Maybe I should throw the I Ching or something like that.

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