Friday, April 30, 2004

Tim rains on our parade, and he probably has a point about the anvil's worth of weight forced to fall upon "aubergine" when it serves as the last word. But in to paraphrase our president's father, "This eggplant-ban will not stand." I think it's serving as well as any other voluntary constraint to produce interesting, amusing, occasionally moving poems. Along with a great deal of silliness, which always serves as its own justification. (Shanna's "Purple Heart" remains a highlight for me.)

That said, I think the aubergine meme is winding down. It had its day in the sun and now it's ready for harvest. I am going to look into a chapbook or some kind of web space. My technical capabilities are limited to creating a new blog that holds all the poems, but if someone more talented in this area wants to intervene, let me know.

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