Thursday, May 03, 2007

Say Yes to Excess

The new issue of Action Yes is up and features all of the papers and presentations from the "Post-Avant: Strategies of Excess" panel from the Atlanta AWP earlier this year. All but one: at that time I was unable to present my little paper on the postmodern baroque because of the perfidy of Northwest Airlines; this time technical difficulties have prevented my paper from joining those of Anne Boyer, Lara Glenum, Johannes Göransson, K. Silem Mohammed, and Jed Rasula. But never fear: my essay will appear in the summer issue, keeping the theme of excess alive well into the ecstasies of autumn. In the meantime, check out what my panelmates said.

Also new, also interesting: a zine called Harp & Altar. I like their "Manifesto": "We believe what is written in the books, but now we want to see for ourselves."

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