Monday, February 26, 2007

Most of the energy I usually devote to blogging has been consumed lately by grading and working on my postmodern baroque presentation for AWP in Atlanta this Friday. For those who are curious, here's the panel description that our fearless leader Lara Glenum came up with:
Post-Avant: Strategies of Excess.
(Jed Rasula, Johannes Goransson, Anne Boyer, K. Silem Mohammad, Joshua Corey, Lara Glenum)

Certain contemporary poetry flies in the face on the well-worn strategies of elegance and eloquence. Such poetry is invested in strategies of excess, violence, and aberrance. Opposed to the New Critical "no noise in art" dictum, these poets oppose the functional and the tasteful and revel in extravagance. Six writers inquire into the nature of these post-avant modes, from the grotesque to flarf to the postmodern baroque.
Should be fun, though you'll have to get up early to see us—the panel's at 9 AM.

I'm also excited to announce the players for the next SOON reading: Robert Strong (who was supposed to read for us last month but couldn't due to mountains of snow), editor of Joyful Noise and author of Puritan Spectacle, and Karla Kelsey, author of a beautiful book of poems from Ahsahta, Knowledge, Forms, the Aviary (the title comes from one of Plato's dialogues but it's tempting to remove the commas and turn "forms" into a verb).

I'm also also excited to be able to tell you about a chapbook of my prose poems that will be coming out soon, but I'm not sure the details can be made public yet. So stay tuned.

Finally, I'm in the market for a new laptop computer. Any suggestions? I know I want a PC so I can play the cool games on it.

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