Friday, June 23, 2006

It's hot in Maryland. Taking an early morning break from the family vortex (first typed "vortext") to see what's what. I really like these poems by Tim Botta at a journal new to me, Alice Blue Review. And Jessica Smith has a great post on the topic of self-publishing. She claims as an aside that visual poetry is the most radical wing of the language writing vortext. Hum. Don't have enough experience with vispo to judge, but I'm certainly intrigued, via RJ, with what I've seen of the visual work of I.H. Finlay and assorted Scots, plus I've been browsing through the Solt book. (Ian's son Alec, I discover, has published a book of Football Haiku in celebration of the World Cup. Not being a sports fan generally (except newly and strangely of golf) I don't think my lack of interest in soccer can be entirely attributed to American exceptionalism, but who knows for sure. Anyway, the link's there for the 99% of the world population that does care.

Off again.

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