Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In the home stretch with Zuk. Although neither he nor Adorno might strike one as particularly pastoral in their orientation at first glance, in conjunction each illuminates the other's concern with nature as the ultimate ground which the technique of collage-constellation seeks to reveal and rescue from the epistemological habitus of late capitalist civilization. Or at any rate I feel the first pages of "A"-22 lend themselves startlingly well to such an interpretation. Will follow this up with my thoughts on 80 Flower as more or less the zero degree of Zukofskyan ecolage, and that should form a natural bridge into my Ronald Johnson chapter. Which I'm starting to think might be the last chapter of the dissertation proper as an exploration of a specifically late modernist pastoral. The question of what I believe to be the postmodernist pastoral (Post-Modernist Baroque Pastoral?) practiced by the likes of Lisa Robertson might be enough of a separate subject to require a project all its own.


Mark Scroggins said...

Speaking of natural bridges -- I don't have my RJ books by me right now -- but somewhere he talks about the Arches on the analogy of natural bridges, hollowed out by ages & ages of weather & geological forces

Unknown said...

Interesting! If you come across the reference will you backchannel it to me?

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