Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sad news for the New Year: after twenty-five years my employer The Bookery II is calling it quits, done in by big boxes and Amazon's free shipping. It's a serious bummer. I've only been putting in a few hours a week here so it's not a personal disaster, but it's a disaster for Ithaca and for everyone in this community who loves independent bookstores and what they can do for a town's intellectual life. The used bookstore (Bookery I) will remain open, and Ithaca still has more than its share of fine used bookstores—but Bookery II, with its fine selection of academic books and the poetry section I built more or less with my own hands will not be easily replaced, if it's replaced at all.

On a happier note, Emily and I had a visit from my old Montana compadre Richard Greenfield this weekend, up from Tusculum College where he's been teaching. We had a great weekend talking poetry and old times and Lost (all three of us are obsessed with the show). I'll see him again in nine weeks at the AWP conference in Austin.

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