Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The temperature drops, the holidays approach, things get quieter. Working on the Zuk chapter—seems like there's always a mountain of preliminaries before I can make the big points I think I need to make. The real writing seems to happen in between these big points, these highlights, which come to seem rather obvious because I've been thinking about them for so long. Maybe a lesson in there somewhere.

The WTO is on in Hong Kong—you could do worse than to sign this petition and make a donation to Oxfam to support the protesters.

Reading about the execution of Tookie Williams I saw that witnesses were instructed not to "sob too loudly" or face removal from the execution chamber. Isn't that a parable for politics and protest in this country? You can cry but not too loudly or you lose your place at the table—itself a ghastly affair of blood and bones posing as the antiseptic everyday.

Yet still we must delight.

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