Monday, October 17, 2005

Kickass reading Saturday night. Kevin Elliott was and is, as Theo said in her introduction, the best-dressed man in town. And Chris Nealon was a delight: he's a fine performer of his own poetry, bringing out both its sardonic, neurasthenic (not to say campy) edges and its pathos. Aaron once again did an outstanding job with the broadsides. We're all very pleased. Next month it's Sean Cole and Guillermo Juan Para, which I know you don't want to miss.

Not a whole lot else going on upstairs. The dissertation crawls along. Poetry production came to a halt a long time ago, nor have I sent anything out for a while, but I'm feeling zen about it all. (Interesting how we use that word, "zen," to mean a kind of unconcern that does not equal disinterest or irresponsibility. Very useful.) In geeky news, we're making the transition from first-edition AD&D to the newfangled version tonight. The rules just make more sense. We'll miss those classic illustrations, though.

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