Friday, November 12, 2004

Yay and yay—my contributors' copies of Conjunctions 43: Beyond Arcadia have arrived! What a thrill. I'm in extraordinary company, both in terms of being picked out by Michael Palmer and in terms of my fellow "emerging" poets: Christian Hawkey, Frances Richard, Peter O'Leary, Graham Foust, Sarah Lang, Justin Lacour, Michelle Robinson, Eve Grubin, Tammy Gomez, Michael Ives, and Genya Turovskaya. There's a remarkable variety of styles and concerns here. I wish I could break up each poet's contribution into individual chapbooks so I could leave them scattered around the house and read only as I encounter them in my daily movements. Really the ideal way of reading poetry. But I'll take this great big anthology too—it's nice to have two of 'em.

Very exciting, as good as a new book's coming out, in some ways better.

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