Friday, October 31, 2003

Two unexpected "selah" sightings tonight. First, the letters page to the latest Poets & Writers inexplicably has the header, "Selah, Selah." Next I picked up and read "A History of the Lyric" in Peter Gizzi's new book Some Values of Landscape and Weather and saw the word again. Spooky, huh? It is Halloween, after all. . . .

I hope I won't get in trouble quoting the haunting (no pun intended) conclusion to Gizzi's poem:

When the sky came down
there was wind, water, red

When the sky fell
it became water, wind
a declaration in blue

When the end was near
I picked up for a moment, joy
came into my voice

Hurry up it sang
in skiffs and shafts
Selah in silvered tones

When the day broke open
I became myself
standing next to a door

In my dream you were alive
and crying
As long as we're talking about good poems, I'd also like to call your attention to some kickass new work in Indiana Review by Karen L. Anderson and Deborah Wardlaw Pattilo.

Still don't know what my costume's going to be yet.

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