Thursday, August 04, 2005

S'too hot to blog, or to do much of anything except start panicking over the academic job search process that begins next month. I did finish and turn in a draft of my second dissertation chapter yesterday, at least. Now I have to figure out how to cram a discussion of Zukofsky and Ronald Johnson into a single chapter. (Reminds me somehow of that old SNL skit about "The Change Bank," where all they do is make change. "How do we do it? VOLUME.")

Tomorrow Emily and I are driving to Newport, Rhode Island for the Newport Folk Festival (sorry, the "Dunkin' Donuts Newport Folk Festival." Sheesh). I am not a great lover of folk music, but an acoustic set by the Pixies was too much for me to resist. Elvis Costello, Bela Fleck, Richard Thompson, and Emmylou Harris are other major draws.

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