Monday, August 22, 2005

Good gravy, of course there's new stuff on the literary front. Namely on Saturday we kicked off the new season of SOON readings with two stellar Ithaca poets, Katherine Lucas Anderson and Fred Muratori. Both put on great shows: Katherine announced it was her first reading since college but her perfrormance was compelling and confident. Fred's poems were presented with wry, hardboiled humor: he's working on a long series of prose poems that play off of the conventions of film noir in unexpected ways. Next up in the series: none other than Jordan Davis and his Million Poems Show, with special guest Ange Mlinko. We are very excited about this: stayed tuned to for details.

Also exciting: the new issue of CARVE, which I'll mention again in case you haven't got a copy. Only browsed through it so far, but as always I'm impressed with how generous the magazine is with each of its poets (each gets at least four poems per issue), while remaining accessibly chapbook-sized. I am toting both it and Logopoeia everywhere I go.

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