Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Neck-deep in Adorno and Zukofsky, and in Tim Woods' book The Poetics of the Limit, which brings them both together. For relief I turn to the new CARVE. The Coolidge poems are some of the most accessible and delightful and musical of his that I've seen for a while; apparently they are part of an as-yet unpublished mansucript. Fave line: "raw brand you find in malls"; fave poem: "Dylan Variations." Dorothea Lasky produces odd, complex, and amusing anti-epiphanies about poetry itself as cover for the inchoate longings poetry itself covers. Fave line: "The St. Poet is annoying when he comes back eventually." Fave poem: "Against Cerebral Forms of Poetry." It's also exciting to see some of Mark Lamoureux's Astrometry Organon in print; he read some of these poems for SOON. Fave lines: "don't bring your wax fruit / to this temple, heliotrope." Emma Barnes and Bill Marsh, in very different ways, work the tension between line and sentence (in Marsh's case, word and letter). And I'm looking forward to CARVE Editions with chapbooks from Jess Mynes and Christopher Rizzo (also SOONsters). Right here in Ithaca—a company town if ever there was one—we have our own organ for poetry unassimilated to institutions. It's a source of serious refreshment.

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