Monday, August 22, 2005

Not much new activity on the literary front—I've been enjoying a weekend with my dad and sister that included lots of grilling, lots of walking, lots of movies (loved this, underwhelmed by that), and a little contra dancing (!). But I do want to thank Jeffrey Jullich for sending me a copy of the first print issue of his literary magazine Logopoeia (the link is to the first, virtual issue). It's my favorite kind of litmag: slender and dense, ideal for toting around through your day and sampling on buses and in coffee shops. Contributors include Ange Mlinko (here and in her new book she practices a remarkable variant of ekphrasis, poems inspired less by artworks than by artmaking, including artmaking's social context), Lewis Warsh, Drew Gardner, Michael Magee, Brendan Lorber, E. Tracy Grinnell, Paul Foster Johnson, Laura Elrick, Brenda Iijima, and Louis Cabri. Some of it shades onto the School of Insouciance, more of it has that Hard Knock Signifier feel: the magazine as a whole, as its name suggests, is generally informed by the tendency to trust language as the bearer of numerous/numinous texts slightly beyond the reach of intention. Good stuff. To get your own copy, write a check for $6 to Jeffrey Jullich and mail it to:
998 Amsterdam Ave., Apt. D
New York, NY 10025-2234

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