Thursday, July 17, 2003

Thanks to those who wrote in with their sympathy. We are doing OK.

Not much on my mind which is a bit of a problem, since I'm supposed to be finishing my Stein/Lawrence paper, turning the phrase "modernist pastoral" into a viable dissertation topic, deciphering Kant, etc. I'm doing all these things but it doesn't have much to do with poetry. I think I will set some time aside now for Olson and Oppen, who are coming into sharper focus for me than they have in a while. Tomorrow is Friday, which means more browsing in the Bookery's poetry section—I may have something to report on then.

Don't think I ever mentioned how jealous I am of the big Bay Area reading that everyone and her sister was blogging about this past weekend. But life has been pretty full in little Ithaca, and the weather's been very Berkeley-like, so in the words of Bran Van 3000 "we got nothing to complain about." Except love and death, the fixed points of pastoral. I'm becoming obsessive, but tersely so, at least at the moment. That's something.

By the way it looks like we're just going to go ahead and print the book, full speed ahead, sans LoC info. Inshallah, it will be in a bookstore near you by the end of September.

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