Friday, July 04, 2003

Listening to an old Billy Joel album this morning in honor of Moving Out, which Emily saw and loved this time last week on her trip to NYC: she said the dancing was spectacular. Particular favorites: "Summer, Highland Falls" and "Angry Young Man." Couldn't help but think of Ron and the Lowell business that has been so well analyzed by Brian and Kasey and Jordan when I heard this line: "And he'll go to the grave as an angry old maaaaaan."

Not much to add to that discussion, really, except to say that I am interested in the poetics of negativity, which seems like a very Adornoesque (Adornonian? Adorno-like?) concept—perhaps just an extension of what's modern about modern art. And I like the comment from Kent Johnson posted on lime tree and the subsequent discussion about the difference between style and affiliation. So go read those if you haven't already.

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