Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Jim Behrle, that good, good man, will be publishing some of my poems at his formidable exercise in Internet magazinehood can we have our ball back?. They will be in issue number 17 and for the people, as always.

Just came home from Ithaca's favorite grad student hangout, a bar called the Chapter House. I hardly ever go there any more, but I went up to campus around 4 to hear William Spanos give a talk on Heidegger and Foucault and then fell in with the professor and a couple of classmates with whom I took a course on femininity, aesthetics, and psychoanalysis last semester. After the wine-and-sushi reception (the Ivy Leage is not without its perks) we headed down to the Chapter House and the next time I looked at a clock it was 10 PM. It was only this past Saturday that Emily and I joined a group of poets at Maxie's for another festival of conversation and beer. My clothes smell like smoke; it's feeling like old times here in Ithaca—I thought I'd left the drinking life behind when I got out of the MFA program. But of course tomorrow I'll be in Baltimore with a bunch of other friends with MFAs and no doubt we'll be boozing it up again there, too. Like Nick Piombino (whose Theoretical Objects we'll be reading in the poetics class in two weeks) I'm a fan of Bass Ale. Maybe if we mention it often enough they'll offer our blogs corporate sponsorship. It would be nice to at least choose the content for the banner ad struggling for your attention at the top of this page.

Thought I would post something angsty about careerism and the motiveless mediocrity that is the AWP, but I'm too tired and happy. But I do plan to bring you some kind of update after I've landed in Charm City, so stay tuned.

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