Monday, February 03, 2003


Yikes! Thirty-eight thousand feet and there's ice in my glass. Into the sun flies the head of a halo. Brilliant crystals up here and a network of blood vessels behind everybody's eyes, pressurized to sustain thoughts of level ground. A tickling. The orbiter burst and why not we?

Six flags over Texas and a Jewish star.

Leonardo's plan: to drop ice on Florence in the summer months. "Payload." The whirligig met the thingamabob and they made a baby with wings. Blue and oxygenated web that it's seeking from the nosecone. Inverted bell curve. Berlin through a bombsight, the impeccable network of death trains untouched.

Air power projects a spread hand over maps. Original dream from the air sexes landscapes and flattens their crowless history. Switzerland of peaks finds its ice eyed from lederhosen. The highest voice yodeling.

Eftsoons smoked spectacles heliograph at Kitty Hawk—the predator predated. Was there any so American as right? Those bicycle boys defend their patents jealously, fight their rivals' every featherèd plume. Wild spokes aflame with petroleum-glazed playing cards. True, true enough.

Dry bundled history set alight by wingèd tumblers. A smooth beast is born in a blue-eyed sky while the old squinting century smokes in a parking lot in Nacogdoches. Old-timey bankers shade their eyes cool green while a fiddle string snaps in the stratosphere. Fair thee well my lockboxed citizenry. Pop will eat itself.

Surly bonds of speech. "Throw weight." A hurled rock flies until the earth curves to meet it. Just in time manufacturing, that's gravity. Heeled and toed through the metronomed pine forest, gingermen search for the sons and daughters of apogee.

Earth in our eyes finds our tears' perihelion. Goonight multiethnic American star. Goonight the peace process and the falcon's heavy hood. Goonight moon, we're in our blackout period.

Telemetric seer O Houston the Raven, radio please with what we've done.

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