Thursday, March 31, 2005

O Canada! Two minutes left here at the internet kiosk to say: the readings in Portland and Seattle were awesome, as is the Pacific Northwest generally. Now here in Vancouver with Richard--already met fellow blogger Paul Guest for the first time at a reception yesterday--and today's our panel, after which there will be nothing left to do but go to readings, buy books, and party. If I find a less expensive way to access the internet I'll do a more detailed post then; otherwise you'll have to wait till I return to Ithaca (or at least Trevor's place in Seattle) for my full report.

April Fool's Day update--couldn't get this to post yesterday, so I'll just add that I've met tons more bloggers and our New Nature Writing panel was very well attended and generally a huge success. This morning it's actually sunny out; maybe we'll play hooky for a while and take the ferry to Victoria, a very beautiful and touristy thing to do. More details later when better Internet access is available.

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