Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lots to say about the last few days and no time to say it right now. I will say that it's been a remarkable week, with the usually quiet Cornell campus suddenly a hive of poetry-related activity. Bob Kaufman's lecture on Marx and poetry Wednesday, Norma Cole on Thursday, Anne Carson's fascinating lecture on Friday (plus the arrival of Peter Gizzi and Elizabeth Willis), and then yesterday: Leslie Scalapino talking about Crowd and not evening or light and her stunning book of photos/poems from Granary, The Tango, then hanging out with Peter and Liz all afternoon, then their amazing reading at the gallery that evening (to a record crowd of 53 people—we need to invest in some chairs!). They are wonderful readers and amazing people and if you ever get a chance to hear them or meet them, do so.

I have notes on the Carson lecture and a few other things I'd like to transcribe, but right now I have to get ready for the Sunday afternoon D&D game. Will our brave adventurers ever escape from... the Haunted Mines? Stay tuned!

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