Monday, December 20, 2004

Okay, very quickly, since Stuart asked: we've got a little campaign rolling here in Ithaca. Aaron created a half-elf magic-user/thief and his neighbor Adam created a dwarf cleric. They went (separately, as it happened) on the same mission: to go into the crypt of a recently deceased noble in the city of Cymric (the northernmost port of an as-yet unnamed empire) and retrieve an object on his body. Since they went separately and unaware of each other's existence they very nearly killed each other when they first met. Aaron's thief had to take out a nasty ghoul-rat on the way down the stairs, while Adam's dwarf had a pretty good skirmish with a Ray Harryhausen-style animated skeleton. Now they're both trapped in this tomb--somebody took away the rock that Aaron's thief was using to keep the door from closing. We'll see how they get out of this predicament—if they get out of it—when we reconvene on Christmas Eve eve.

I may have to start a separate D&D blog if this keeps up.

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Stuart Greenhouse said...


Thanks for sharing this, I'm really enjoying your campaign, vicariously. I'm a little surprised, actually, I haven't thought about D & D in so long. Hope you post occasional updates, if you feel like it!

& I didn't realize your blog took comments. New?

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