Monday, December 13, 2004

Dissertation stuckness + cold & rainy weekend = high geekery. Dug my old, would-be-worth-something-if-they-were-in-better-shape first edition AD&D books & bag o' dice out of the closet and started a little adventure with another brave poet. Gee that's fun. There's some powerful nostalgia value to using the old, old Gygax system, but it's the thrill of making up a story live on the spot with others that really gets me. In some ways, I think I've sought the same solidarity with fellow poets that I used to feel with members of the various gaming groups I've belonged to over the years. We could use a few more brave adventurers, though. If you're in the Ithaca area and you're in the mood for some old-school AD&D, drop me a line.

Only a few Aubergines left unspoken for!

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DerikB said...

Coincidentally, I played the first D&D session in a long time this weekend.

Been enjoying your blog.

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