Monday, March 03, 2003

Oy. I was writing a long, long post about all the books I got at AWP and how the book fair made the whole thing worthwhile and all the great deals I got and then I was going to start musing about this presentation I have to give on Barrett Watten tomorrow and how opposed his work probably is to the kind of cultural work or parasitism that AWP stands for which would have all turned into a lengthy self-justification of my desire to get the old kind of sensuous, semi-commodifiable pleasure from poems in addition or apposite to the kind of deliberately bland and depthless political intensities to be enjoyed in classical Language poetry, only to accidentally click away and return to this page and find it all gone. Damnit. I'm reduced to a mere list without commentary now because I reallly really must get to work:

Jenny Boully, The Body (Slope Editions).
John Cage, Silence (Wesleyan).
Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Drafts 1-38, Toll (Wesleyan).
Jocelyn Emerson, Sea Gate (Alice James).
Clayton Eshleman, Companion Spider: Essays (Wesleyan).
Robyn Ewing, Chemical Wedding (Center for Literary Publishing).
Merrill Gilfillian, The Seasons (Adventures in Poetry).
Pierre Joris, Poasis: Selected Poems, 1986-1999 (Wesleyan).
Katy Lederer, Winter Sex (Verse Press).
Sarah Manguso, The Captain Lands in Paradise (Alice James).
Geoffrey Nutter, A Summer Evening (Center for Literary Publishing).
D.A. Powell, Lunch (Wesleyan).
Bin Ramke, Airs, Waters, Places (Iowa).
Laura Solomon, (Slope Editions).
Karen Volkman, Spar (Iowa).
Joe Wenderoth, The Endearment (Short Line Editions).
Matthew Zapruder, American Linden (Tupelo Press).

Not bad for a hundred bucks. More or less.

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