Sunday, March 23, 2003

Hey, Joe Massey. Remember when you were browsing in the poetry section at Green Apple yesterday? Remember the tall guy with glasses who was kind of cramping your style (you were browsing M-S while I was browsing F-L)? That was me. It's funny too, because I saw the books you were carrying (that's how I know for sure it was you) and I found myself thinking, "I ought to say hi to this guy. I mean, this guy is interested in interesting poetry. We probably have more in common than not. Here's a probable poet at Green Apple and why don't I know him?" But I didn't of course because that would have been too aggressive-geeky-stalkerlike. I also just missed meeting your friend Kristen, though I saw you and her conferring at one point. Too bad.

I didn't smell any garlic.

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