Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Chad Blair, a fellow University of Montana creative writing alum, has written a sensitive and appreciative review of Compos(t)ition Marble for the English Department's alumni newsletter. Click here then click "Spring/Summer 2008 • Volume 1, Issue 2" (it's a PDF, so you may want to right-click and save) to read it. The newsletter is worth perusing in full, as is the inaugural issue: it testifies to what a vital and interesting writing program Montana has had and continues to have. I'm proud to have gone there.

My favorite sentence from the review: "So this poem reads like the working out of an impossible math problem titled what is everything urban happening right now?" And it's truly humbling to hear this sentence of Allen Grossman's quoted in reference to what I was trying to do in that poem: "The highest form which poetic ambition, in my mind, can take is to join together oracular profundity with the whole, intact, harmonious, and socially-addressed countenance."

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