Wednesday, April 19, 2006

World famous in Ithaca, once again! Paul Hansom of the Ithaca Times has written an article about SOON Productions. (Hopefully the SOON website will be updated, er, soon, with info on next week's reading by Dan Beachy-Quick and Matthea Harvey.)

Also, for those of you in the Ithaca area, I will be reading tomorrow as part of the Lounge Hour Reading Series in the English Department Lounge at Cornell at 5 PM with Jerry Gabriel, fiction writer and honorary SOONster.


Jonathan Barrett said...

I’m am neither in academe nor will I ever be; although I do write poetry, or at the very least, like to think I try. I work in mortgage banking as a profession. I am familiar, to a certain extent, with Language Poets and am strangely intrigued by their approach to writing, what constitutes poetry, aesthetics, etc. I’ve read Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus multiple times, as well as other texts that may or may not (depending on who you’re talking to) be important to Language Poets. But when I read Language poetry I feel slightly confused. I wonder where the poetry begins and the philosophy ends or vice versa. Call me naïve, and I admit, my question is rather categorical and thus, not leaving much room for the liquidity of Language poetry. Another question I have is, how would a Language Poet (or someone with a more theoretical bent, like yourself) explain poetry to a non-academic who is interested in poetry, but has no interest in writing poetry? Is it important that they (i.e., the non-academic) understand? And if not, how does that effect the purpose and aim or the “theoretical poet”?

Jonathan Barrett said...

Sorry, this comment is for the above posting...I'm moving it now.

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